Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my plans change?

Customers will receive a full refund or credit with 30 days notice of cancellation. Customers will receive a full refund or credit (less 5%) with 7 days notice of cancellation. Customers will receive a full refund or credit (less 10%) with 3 days notice of cancellation. Customers will not receive a refund with less than 3 days notice of cancellation.

Is a game ticket included in the price?

No. We do not provide tickets to the football game. You do not need a ticket to the game to come on the bus.

Can a “name” can be assigned to a group party so that friends can join and be on the same bus on game day?

Yes, individual purchasers part of a larger group can be on the same bus to ride together. But each individual purchaser must provide us with the same group name for us to be able to assign all group members to the same bus.  We recommend choosing a group name and sharing it with your group members so that individual purchasers can put it on the purchase form. This is the best way to ensure all group members ride together.

Since I’m riding the same bus, can I leave my personal belongings on the bus during the game?

Bags or coats can be left on the bus HOWEVER bus drivers are off duty during the game, and they may lock the buses. So we strongly recommend that you:

  •  Do not leave valuables on the bus (wallets and tech); and
  •  Take what you need for the game (tickets, layers, ponchos)

What time does the buses leave Chicago?

Exact departure times are subject to change depending on individual game kick-off times. Please show up at the time specified on your ticket.  And if you show up at a later departure time than your ticket states, we will not have a seat for you on the bus as we sell out almost every game.

Which location in Chicago does the bus leave from?

The bus will leave from the Hyatt Regency in Chicago located at 151 E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL 60601.

Which location does the bus depart from to go back to Chicago?

The bus will leave from 1340 South Bend Ave, just across the street from the southeast corner of campus.

Do you have special group booking packages?

If you are part of a larger group with multiple people purchasing tickets, you can add your group name during the checkout process. We will do our best to seat the entire group on the same bus.

Special pricing begins at groups larger than 20. All tickets must be purchased altogether in a single transaction.

If you would like to reserve your own bus at a discounted rate, we need to hear from you by July 31st.

Is there a bathroom on the bus?

Yes – All our buses come with restrooms.

Exception: If you request a smaller private bus, it may not have a restroom. However, being a private bus, you can pull over for a rest stop whenever you like. And there are two very convenient travel plazas right off the tollway between South Bend and Chicago.

Do I need to bring my ticket with me?

Every rider must bring a ticket when they arrive for check-in. We will accept either a printed ticket or a digital copy on the phone. If the party arrives all together, the ticket purchaser can provide ticket copies for the entire party for us to scan all at once (rather than individually).

Do I ride on the same bus on both journeys?

Everyone rides the same bus to South Bend and back.

What time does the bus leave to go back to Chicago?

We leave exactly one hour after the game – consider it a train! We will leave people behind if they are not on time.